The yoke…

The woman and her husband were deceived because the serpent added to the command given to them in the beginning… He told them God was hiding information, that He (God) didn’t want them to be gods (unto themselves, knowing good and evil by themselves).
He led them into rebellion, to cast off the yoke of God, to cast off His restraints. Just like he did, and was cast out of heaven. God seemed like the villain, and he the hero.
This is the message of the serpent till today… “be yourself, be the best version of yourself, You Only Live Once, be free, find your purpose (it is even now a christian theme to discover your purpose.) even the seemingly innocent, “you have liberty in Christ…” and some teachings of the “grace of God”…
Some of these things sound correct, our human condition and life’s challenges make it seem like we could be better. like maybe we are limited somehow, by ourselves (or by God).
Motivational speakers of this age, stir up a feeling of being a loser, and you could be better than your current state… if only you could find your true self… it is funny though. Some preachers say “we are gods”… and teach us purpose, but it seems to be more self-serving than anything else.
In the search of finding “ourselves” many have been led away, like Adam. The search only prepares them for serving the world’s purposes.
one thing is clear though is that “what ever your hands find to do, do it well…”
Truly, we are meant for great things, but only under the government of God. The pursuit of the many things that wasn’t even lost in the first places, pierces people only sorrows and grief. The greatness of God’s kingdom (His way of doing things) is being high and mighty, it seems to express itself in service and laying down of one’s life for others (literally) and submission to the commands of God.
– It is in Him we move, and find our” BEing”…
– Thou hart worthy O Lord to receive glory, honor and power, for thou hart created ALL THINGS, and for thy pleasure they are and were created…
– “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations”
These are few verses that tell us about our source…
Jesus, on the last day of a 40-day fast, was tempted by the serpent… He said to Him, “if you are the Son of God…” If???
Quite similar to what he said to the woman, “did God say???” But Jesus knew God’s commands, and replied only accounting to the commands,..
1). man shall not live by bread alone, but “by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God”
2). Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God, for it is written,
3). Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve..
In these age, we must hold fast to what is true. We must check what we have believed and measure them on the scales of God’s word. Our lives are way too short to continue in our way, like sheep without a shepherd. Many of what is being taught, preached, written into books, and believed is another god, another christ and another belief. It damns its hearers to a life separated from God.
Let us not cast of restraints, instead let us make it the utmost desire and priority of our souls to come in submission to the living God, to take the yoke of the Lord.
 “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. “Because” narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.
This generation has cast of restraints and order. We are all guilty of it, I the most. But if we would make a u-turn. We have an advocate with the Father.

The earth today. Where is it headed?

The issues that affect this world are more than we actually know. I don’t know if these problems have always been or maybe as I grow older and become more informed I am realizing them, but the issues are real.
I heard in the news that we (our generation) currently has the largest ever amount of displaced people the earth has ever known. That is, people fleeing to Turkey from neighbouring countries. War torn countries.

We have battled and still battling new strings of diseases and viruses.

Corruption is at its highest level, it is actually a global problem. From football associations, to health forces, to government bodies, to even churches. It has become a normal thing to everyone.

Human trafficking, prostitution, robbery are on the high…

Literally, every country on the earth is facing a form of terriorism internally, externally or both. And the real reasons are unknown. Some say that tis religious reasons, others that tis political. Hmmm. I think the reasons are far deeper. The news of death or bomb blast doesn’t sadden anyone anymore. Our consciences are being deadened like those of the serial killers themselves. We are being desensitized.

We have risen to a level of sexual pervasion matched by no other era known to man. Yes! Most people or Christians will quickly point to Sodom and Gomorrah, but history tells us a lot of stories of the debauchery that has crossed this earth. Especially the Greeks and the Persians. Indeed, there is nothing new under the sun. But ours is at new height. At no time in history has same sex marriages been legalised.

We must not look and say, “no! Tis the US problem, it doesn’t affect us”… No! The US is like Persia in the days of Daniel. Tis being used to train the world. How long before other nations join in?

Today, we have more reality shows than we could ever imagine. These too are pawns in the hands of the powers that be. Used to condition that minds of younger generations. False ideas of fame, wealth and being sexy. One recently had a sex change, becoming the face of transgender across the earth.

For me, tis just the beginning. Tis the preparatory grounds for the introduction of a new figure. A supposed leader. The one with solutions to the problems affecting the world.

For me, all these events are orchestrated by an intelligent being. All towards that goal of driving humanity to the brink of despair and terror, that it cries for help, for solution. But we know that we don’t collect something for nothing. It would at the cost of ” our souls”. After all, “what would profit a man if he gains the whole and losses his soul? “.. In order to gain back the world through these entity, many would trade their souls.

I have heard people say there would be judgment like in the case of Sodom. I think not! God has always moved to restore and set order to our downward spiral. He will do it again. How He will, is another story. People will come with stories rapture and what not.

I don’t believe rapture is what we have been told or shown anyway (my opinion).

But whatever the case, we must pray and hope for order. His order. Jesus said, “… the gates of hell shall not prevail”. Do you believe?

For the love of money..

I have seen learnt that when a man speaks to group of 10 men… what he says can and will be translated into 10 different things. Because, you see, we hear and visualise things based on the different things and on so many different levels.

I think this has made me realise the folly of arguments. What qualifies my way of thinking to be better than the thoughts of another person? Of course, arguments are good. Forget those book that talk about persuasion or “winning people over to your way of thinking”. If you wan win anything, you must listen, yeah?

Ok! That isn’t even close to the topic.

Every religion, creed or school of thought have a thought about money… Everyone has a philosophy about money. But in every department, I think the underlying thought is that money is evil… but the most popular one isn’t that, but that too much of it is bad. Hmmm.

The love of money is the root of all evil…

That is how we translate the verse in our minds… money is evil… too much of it is worse…

Then, people seemingly began to “unravel” the lie and misconception. They began to say that is the “love” of it that is evil…

A breakthrough!? No!

The love part was also misunderstood… I think.
Now, when we say someone loves money… what picture do you have?

I don’t know about you but sometimes it looks like someone who is too serious about his finances. Someone who doesn’t give out his money or stuff like that…

People are funny… and religion is… hmmm… unreasonable???

Money is a means of exchange… something that everyone needs… yeah? If you don’t have it, you will lack the power to get good and/or services. Because you would need to exchange money for them. (Lol… I know religious people will begin to quote living by faith… that too is ok!)

No matter how you want to be religious about it, you need it to continue being religious.. lol.

To have more of it, you need to respect it… learn how to save, learn how to say no to wasteful borrowers (lol, you know I’m right.), you need to know how to say “business doesn’t grow when friends and family don’t pay (lol)… This isn’t love of money.

Let me tell you want the love of money is. Or what I think it is.

It is when you give money number one priority. When you place it above all else… Over human life, over relationships, over family, over little things such as peace…

what would it profit a man if he gains the world and loses his soul…? Lol. The world isn’t money but he must love his soul over money.

It is written that, Money is a defence… money answers “all things”???

Well… money is important for its exchange abilities.
And to live better… to even protect the poor… Some degree of it is needed.

Don’t love money…

Otondo Chronicles… continua.

Interesting year so far… I have tried to be another person… It is not working. Lol. Eternal life is real.

The truth is I am trying to forget events of yesterday. Yesterday being over a year ago. Trying to kick start my life, like a car engine… meet new people.. not church people. Be courageous enough to try new things, go to new places. Laugh more… and still make money while at it. Be that youth i ought to be. Yeah! I wanted to get rid of some wrong teachings in my head too… In short? I just felt I needed a reset.
I set out to have fun… This has always seemed to be the evidence of a back slider. Lol. I think the spiritual word is lasciviousness. Or something…

Of course, my idea of fun has been the weirdest. Cinema (I cant endure watching movies on my system or TV… I won’t concentrate. Or most likely sleep off), chill with my new friends at the barracks, play playstation,  laugh and make jest, music… what else… Eat,  drink… fun is relative.

My freelance jobs have been going pretty great… puts good cash in my pocket or account as the case may be. I have learnt to say yes… when I am asked if I can do anything. Even, if I have never done it before, I am sure that I can read up on it and get it done, Google is my friend. Tis the best way to learnt actually. I learn better from challenges and adversity… that is me. Maybe I am not wise, like most claim they are! But I seem to have to make a mistake before I truly learn anything… Hopefully, I won’t make major ones. Trust that the little ones will and have prepared for future decision makings. Ok! I don digress abi?

Service year has been good. The office is crap sha. Corpers, engineering graduates are made to run errands and make photocopies. Lol. One corper was posted to the security’s office. Security? Smh.
But the monthly allowance of 10k has been helpful… you bet! Especially, during this scarcity… my alawee with UBA has been growing too. Until VIO made me touch it… story for another day jare.
I am still able to attend my classes though. Even collected my first “sabiticate”. I’m not moved by qualifications,  all i learn is for immediate use in my life. Not just to please anyone or employer.

Yes! My new friends.  I use “new” because well… They are new na ni.

I have a clique of very nice guys… I have learnt more from them in 4 months than from any friend in 20 – something – years. Then, of course, maybe I’m not a good friend on a normal day. He that would have friends must show himself friendly. Besides, experience has shown me how friends, brothers (not by blood) and lovers (me, included) can turn on you. But these ones have shown a difference. Trust me! I have tried to push them away… yh! That way no one gets hurt because expectations were not met. One day, I was stuck with VIO for the better part of a whole day, they left there places of work to support me… smh. All of em. I can’t forget that. I have learnt to be open with them.
I can be the fun guy, the sanguine of a group, but I don’t talk. I rarely say what is really in my mind. But this group, I am learning to be myself around people.
What I like about them is their openness. I have been among believers, but seen divisions and malice. But these ones fight and settle. They are not perfect and never claim to be. Mehn, unlike me, they fear God.

In the last days, knowledge shall increase… Who do you say I am?

If you were born into a believing home and walked alongside believers long enough, you would realize certain things.
Things like how unoriginal -not fake- people are. It is a common theme to repeat what your pastors says or at least what other people say. Now, before pastors draw swords -swords meant for the war aganist darkness- it is good to “repeat” what you pastors says. Early, in my walk, it was common place to introduce we “babes” to brother Hagin. So, people got high on faith. Faith for finances, faith for health, faith for speaking in tongues (for hours), faith for tongue strolls (smh), faith anything Hagin and several writers said to have faith for. Looking back now, it is quite interesting that we never had faith for righteousness. No! We could do that ourselves.
Jesus asked His boys, two questions.
1. He asked, who do people say I am?
You know that was an easy question. The boys were quick to answer.
It is very easy to pick up stuff from any and everywhere. It is easy to follow the crowd. It is easy to be of one mind. It is easy. It is easy to repeat what your pastor says to you. Or what Bro Hagin wrote.  Good.

But when it comes to the real question,
2. Who do YOU say I am? Then, we might have a real problem. Of course, we can hide behind what we have been told or what we have heard. But that won’t do us any good, especially in the presence of the real challenges. Things that challenge our “knowledge”.

To that question, Peter answered, thou hath Jesus, the son of God.
Jesus replied Him, saying, you have answered well. Flesh and blood has not revealed this to you…
This is where the meat of this gist is.
Paul in Galatians mentioned something very similar. He said he wasn’t thought by man, or anyone, but his revelation came directly from Jesus… I do not dispute or cancel the need for other men, or I would be cancelling the very existence of the body of Christ and we, has members of that body. But I do emphasis the need of a Father to me, revelation of Himself.
That I don’t look for other men to confirm or validate Him, but that He validates them. That I don’t read other people’s books into understand the bible, but that their books be tested and validated by Him. Or how would I know when someone puts a drop of poison in a jar of milk for me to drink? How do I test every spirit, especially in such an age as ours where there is movie of “Noah” released every other day?
Listen, Jesus concluded by saying, upon this will i build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail aganist it.
Upon this? Yes, upon this revelation of the Father to you (not just what people said) will i build my church.

Now, this is where our problem lays. We all try to fill the void (at least,  that is what our pastors call it) with hear says and books.

I am not also saying to go about challenging every sermon or book you read. What I am saying is that you have a Father to son communication with God. For that is what we are. Do not be afraid to challenge what you see as wrong, Afterall we are charged to expose evil. Some, evil though not on purpose are like yeast in bread. They spread and affect the whole house.

So, how is Jesus to you?

We live in a time where everything is teaching us and indirectly affecting how we view Christ.

I was in a church once, where the members and so-called ministers were made to read “loyalty and disloyalty”, as part of the schools/church’s curriculum or whatever. It is the most demonic book I have ever read. No offense to its writer. But as far as I’m concerned, there is no thought of love, forgiveness or brotherhood in it. It follows the simple rule of “cut off the arms that offends”.
Upon hindsight, I asked myself. Loyalty to whom? To the Christ? Or the church? Or the head of the church? The writer of this book cited examples from the bible such as Absalom and Judas… claiming that the price for disloyalty was dead and an exploded stomach. Smh. He picked examples from his own knowledge and experiences. People leaving with half the church after an argument and so forth. Sad!
All in a bid to condition the minds of the readers or listeners to be loyal or face death. Scare tactics,  if you may!

When did that become the message of/to the church? If we were “running” the mafia, let’s know and be a mafia organisation. If it is a church, let’s do that. But principles that stem only from our canality such as fear, greed or whatever shouldn’t be written for people whose callings are based on love and sacrifice… If you sacrificed your life like you say, you won’t be bothered by loyalty or no loyalty. Jesus had Judas with him for years and didn’t give him a book on loyalty or otherwise… why are people so hung up on ministry?

Man is too emotional. To listen to one, you must be able to separate him and his message. You must be able to divide words or letters as the case may be.

When Daniel was told that in the last days knowledge shall increase, it wasn’t a prophesy of good things, twas that of more confusion and diluted stuff. Afterall, the tree in the garden was called “the tree of the knowledge of GOOD and EVIL”, yet it was altogether evil. We have to careful of what we read. Jesus in His own version said, be careful of what you hear and how you hear.
I have been in places where it was like a completion to read books, feel like you understand it and then dash off to share it with the church. I have seen office lined up with books or material as some like to call it. I have also seen people hide their books from others. Lol. So, they say they protecting you, but they just afraid that you would know what they know.
We can’t drink from such sources, can we?

My advice is for people to seek the Author. And stop rubbish.
Read books, but remember, “who do you say I am?”